We offer tutorial programs in the following areas:


  • Remedial Reading: Teaches basic skills to students not reading up to grade level.
  • Developmental Reading: Reinforces & further develops reading abilities.
  • Reading Readiness & Pre-First Grade Reading: Taught to give your child that additional boost and self-confidence to enter first grade knowing they can read.
  • Phonics, Comprehension Strategies and Vocabulary
  • Reading Enrichment: Broadens literary background, study skills and reading experiences for good students.
  • Speed Reading: Designed to help your read faster with better understanding and recall of what you read.


  • Arithmetic Skills, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Problem Solving, Logic

Language Arts

  • Composition, Spelling, Grammar, Creative Writing (short stories, plays, poetry), essays

Study Skills

  • Organizational Skills
  • Methods for improving recall and memory
  • How to study short stories and novels as well as textbooks
  • Note-taking techniques
  • How to study for test a test and how to take a test

Content Subjects

  • Tutoring is available for all subjects and all ages
  • Foreign Languages and Computer Instruction

A variety of class times are available after school hours, evenings, and Saturdays. During the summer months, classes are also available during the morning as well as the afternoons and evenings. Our classes consist of one instructor for every one to three students. Some students are also tutored on a one-to-one basis, just the instructor and the student.

How do you instruct students?

  • A personalized program of instruction is written for each student and individualized instruction is provided based upon the student’s learning strengths as well as his/her weaknesses and personal needs.
  • The student is taught the way that student may learn best.  
  • The programs of instruction as well as the individual materials that are used are selected to match the student’s personal needs and the way they most efficiently process information.

What types of materials and/or instructional programs do you use?

  • The materials and instructional programs that are used to reinforce individualized skill instruction are scientifically research based materials that have been proven to be highly effective and efficient for skill development.
  • Multisensory methodologies are used as well as hands-on experiential learning to instruct students