Students who attend the Achievement Centers have the opportunity to use a two-acre school Nature Center for tutoring and instruction.  Our outdoor classrooms, amidst forest and natural surroundings, provide a unique educational setting, helping our students to focus and enjoy learning.  Recent studies suggest that there is a relationship with outdoor enrichment and its effect on those with learning differences. Studies led by University of Illinois researchers Frances E. Kuo, PhD and Andrea Faber Taylor, PhD, provide solid evidence linking time spent in natural surroundings to an increased ability to focus for those with learning difficulties.

“Students reap the benefits of fresh air and oxygen as they receive instruction in the outdoors. This practice has improved their ability to learn, minimize anxieties, and improve concentration.  Academic levels and test scores have improved as a result of the opportunity to study in the Nature Center. Our ‘No Child Left Inside’ theme reinforces the benefits of education in the outdoors. Students are involved in outdoor studies which minimizes the possibility of Nature Deficit Disorder,” Kathryn Fouks, Clinical Director of The Achievement Centers, Inc. and Principal of Acacia Academy.