Students in all classes benefit from access to the resources of the web through our high-speed internet network. Our computer lab provides students with the opportunity to learn and develop their computer skills on everything from office applications to still-image and video editing. Complementing these resources are extensive collections of print, audio, and video materials.

Smart Boards

  • Interactive white boards motivate students’ learning
  • Interactive by touch so students can manipulate objects on the SMART Board
  • Accommodate different learning styles
  • Teachers can use multi-media resources and the internet with an entire class
  • SMART boards are used for ACT/SAT courses, reading, math, writing, history, geography, and science
  • SMART Responders (remote device) allow students to answer questions and complete assessments from the SMART board

Nobi Convertible Classmate PC

  • Nobi Convertible is a mobile PC designed to meet the unique learning needs of students
  • Student Tablet PC / Laptop / Notebook Computer
  • Designed for use with keyboard or as tablet
  • Palm Rejection Technology so students can rest their hands & maintain proper writing form
  • Navigate through applications using only your finger or stylus, create and watch documents, sketch objects and scenes, and collaborate with other students using the built-in webcam and microphone

The Kindle Fire Tablet

  • Mini tablet computers and portable e-readers.
  • Students benefit from educational software for reading improvement, phonics, mathematics and comprehension
  • Highly interactive device that appeals to all learning styles, improves fine motor skills, and increases one’s ability to focus